Reputational Risk

SCAN-Interfax helps to assess reputational risks by providing access to over 40000 media sources in Russia and the CIS.

Access to an adverse media platform can uncover allegations of fraud, corruption or malpractice within an organisation, preventing irreparable damage to the reputation of businesses and the individuals associated with it.

Mitigating the exposure of your company and brand to reputational risk is vital when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset. A prestigious reputation takes years to build but can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

About SCAN-Interfax

The SCAN system for complex media analysis gives you access to over 40,000 news sources from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, allowing you to monitor and assess any reputational risk that may pose a danger to your business. The archive goes back to 1989.

The system provides access to

  • all major newspapers and magazines, as well as transcripts from TV and radio stations
  • blogs and websites
  • closed newswires of Interfax and other major Russian information agencies
  • subscription sources

The system is able to detect positive and negative tonalities both in articles as a whole and with regard to specific companies or individuals mentioned in them.

Minimise information noise. Optimise search time.

  • Filter your search
  • Set a time frame
  • Specify tonalities
  • Exclude duplicates
  • Select sources
  • Choose topics to define context