News Products

Interfax Group produces a comprehensive range of specialised information products covering the complete spectrum of news and events in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

We help entities all over the world make informed decisions and stay on top of political and business developments in the region.

Interfax General News

Interfax's political correspondents report on all major government entities in Russia and provide detailed coverage of non-governmental institutions.

Every major event in Russia and the former Soviet Union gets thorough coverage, and our reporters file all the latest news on hot spots, official events, press conferences, demonstrations, cultural events, natural disasters and emergency situations.

Financial and Economic News

Interfax provides subscribers with the news, data and analysis they need. Receiving data and updates from trading floors in Russia and around the world in real time, they are the first to see information that moves financial markets.

We also cover every segment of the Russian economy, from resources and commodities to macroeconomic and corporate news.

Other English-language newswires and weekly reports provide coverage of the energy sector, metals and mining, IT and telecoms, food and agriculture.

Other information products

General news
  • Russia & CIS General Newswire
  • Russia & CIS Military Newswire
  • Russia & CIS Announcements
  • Russia & CIS Presidential Bulletin
  • Russia & CIS Diplomatic Panorama
  • Russia & CIS Military Daily
  • Russia & CIS Military Weekly
Business & finance
  • Russia & CIS Business and Financial Newswire
  • Russia & CIS Business and Financial Daily
  • Russia & CIS Business and Investment Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Banking and Finance Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Business Law Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Insurance Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Statistics Weekly
Industry news
  • Russland Aktuell
  • Russia & CIS Energy Newswire
  • Russia & CIS Energy Daily
  • Russia & CIS Oil and Gas Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Metals and Mining Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Defense Industry Weekly
  • Russia & CIS IT and Telecom Weekly
  • Russia & CIS Food and Agriculture Weekly
  • Russia Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Central Asia General Newswire
  • Central Asia & Caucasus Business Weekly
  • Kazakhstan General Newswire
  • Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Weekly
  • Kazakhstan Mining Weekly