28 Feb 2024 09:20

Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry drafts National Food Security Strategy

MOSCOW. Feb 28 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has elaborated a draft National Food Security Strategy, under which it intends to bring the capacity of domestic agricultural products' production up to 200 million tonnes in the medium term, and grain and oilseed crops up to 150 million tonnes.

"The achievement of these indicators may allow almost doubling the volume of export supplies of Ukrainian agricultural products and their processed and finished food products," Ukrainian media reported, quoting the draft document, which was published on the website of the joint representative body of representative all-Ukrainian associations of trade unions.

It is also noted that such an upsurge in crop production in Ukraine will boost the development of animal husbandry and the accompanying production of fodder and other food products (proteins, special fats, gluten, dairy products, meat products, etc.).

The Strategy authors view the production of 'self-branded' products for global trade networks and food manufacturers as another promising area for promoting agricultural products on foreign markets.

It is expected that the Ukrainian agricultural sector in the short term may become the most attractive investment win-win portfolio, which is estimated at $57 billion. At the same time, the ministry considers green energy and logistics (biomethane, irrigation systems, elevators, and green agricultural logistics); production of finished products (fruit, vegetables and their processed products; milk and dairy products, meat products); production of machinery and resources (plant protection products, nitrogen and complex fertilizers, agricultural equipment, and seeds); deeply processed products (oils and special fats, proteins, starch, and gluten) to be the largest investment segments.

"Given such prospects, priority will be given to programs for developing production, market and logistics infrastructure, including hydromeliorative infrastructure, and projects for deep processing of agricultural products," the document says.

The authors of the draft Strategy are convinced that the proposed measures will help establish a sustainable system of food security of the state, ensure full access of every person to safe food products in sufficient quantities, create conditions for food independence of the country, sustainable development of agriculture and bring down the morbidity rate of the population.