27 Feb 2024 11:22

Polish farmers continuing border blockade, some 2,200 trucks waiting to enter Ukraine - Ukrainian Border Service

MOSCOW. Feb 27 (Interfax) - Polish farmers are continuing to block truck traffic toward Ukraine's Yagodin, Ustilug, Ugrinov, Rava Russkaya, Shegini, and Krakovets border crossings, as nearly 2,200 trucks wait in lines to cross into Ukraine, Ukrainian State Border Service spokesman Andrei Demchenko said.

"As for the lines that have been caused by that in Polish territory, in all, around 2,200 were waiting on all of these routes this morning to enter Ukraine, with the largest queues seen at the Krakovets, Rava Russkaya and Yagodin crossings," Ukrainian media quoted Demchenko as saying during the national telethon on Monday.

The most difficult situation is at the Yagodin border crossing, where about 50 trucks have been allowed by Polish protesters to enter Ukraine over the past 24 hours, he said.

"The number of border crossings into Poland remains zero," he said. The number of border crossings via the Shegini checkpoint also remains low - some 70 trucks have crossed the border through it in both directions.

"Polish farmers are letting through several trucks on average per hour on each route, but they are blocking to a larger extent the truck traffic exactly from Ukraine to Poland," Demchenko said.