22 Feb 2024 20:20

Kievstar signs memorandum with Japanese companies Sojitz, PicoCELA to develop projects for seamless Internet coverage

MOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Ukraine's largest telecom operator Kievstar has signed a trilateral memorandum with Japanese companies Sojitz and PicoCELA, Ukrainian media reported, citing the company's press service on Thursday.

"The memorandum will help identify options for cooperation between the companies on a number of projects. This includes the development of PicoCELA wireless mesh-technology, which has a proven reputation for rapid deployment of seamless Internet coverage in the required area," the press service said.

The mesh system is a seamless traffic transfer. Connections between modules are being analyzed in the mesh networks. The modules themselves exchange data about all connected clients. The network itself determines which module to connect the client to so that it has the best signal. Additionally, data transfer between various gadgets within the network can be done without the involvement of the main module.

The memorandum was signed during the Japanese-Ukrainian conference on economic development and recovery in Tokyo on February 19, it said.

PicoCELA's website said that in this world where IoT and M2M technologies are defining everyday life, the company stands out with its patented PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE) technology, which is a foundation for reliable and affordable wireless connectivity. The brand's Wi-Fi mesh backhaul technology, seamlessly blended with advanced access points, is reported to ensure peak application performance.

The Sojitz Group incorporates around 400 subsidiaries in Japan and around the world, which are developing largescale operations.

The Metals, Mineral Resources&Recycling division specializes in the mining and trading of ferrous metals.