20 Feb 2024 16:40

Ukrainian Railways extends restrictions on transportation of fats and oils to Poland via Izov station

MOSCOW. Feb 20 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Railways has extended temporary convention-related restrictions on the transportation of agricultural cargo to Poland via the Izov station.

Ukrainian media reported, quoting the Ukrainian Railways website, that the transportation of animal and plant fats and oils, ready-to-use edible fats and animal and plant waxes would be prohibited in that direction for all recipients from February 21 to February 27.

A similar restriction on these cargoes was in force from February 15 to February 21.

Previously, there was a major backlog of railcars loaded with oil and meal and cake moving towards the Izov-Hrubieszow border crossing. Ukrainian Railways imposed indefinite convention restrictions on all rail shipments to Poland via the Hrubieszow border crossing at the beginning of February.

The company introduced the restrictions amid calls by Polish authorities for tightening veterinary controls of agricultural produce arriving from Ukraine and their concerns about excessive imports of sugar, oil, and grain, including flour and corn, to the Polish market.

Polish farmers started a nationwide strike on February 9. The main demands of the protestors are simplification of the European Commission's green policy, limiting the inflow of Ukrainian farm produce and making agriculture more profitable. The protests should last for 30 days, during which protesting farmers intend to block all Ukrainian-Polish border crossings and several transport hubs.