20 Feb 2024 13:00

Inter RAO working to increase directions, volumes of electricity exports; supplies have been in line with plan since beginning of year

MOSCOW. Feb 20 (Interfax) - The dynamics of electricity exports from Russia since the beginning of 2024 are in line with the business plan of PJSC Inter RAO regarding volumes and marginal profit, company representative Alexandra Panina told Interfax on the sidelines of the "Russia" forum at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh).

"The beginning of the year has been tense for us, but this was also planned, taking into account the restrictions on exports to China, which we have been observing since the end of last year. These restrictions have continued, though we laid them down during the business planning procedure," Panina said.

"I hope that there could be an opportunity to increase volumes closer to the flood period, and to provide supplies in a larger volume than in the business plan," Panina said.

Inter RAO is also exploring the possibility of exporting electricity to Uzbekistan.

"We have offered our electricity. Interest was expressed. The difficulty is that it needs to be delivered in transit through Kazakhstan, through the locked North-South section, through which supplies are already going to Kyrgyzstan; it is difficult to allocate volumes to Uzbekistan," Panina said.

Inter RAO is overall actively working to increase the directions and volumes of exports, Panina said.

Russia's electricity exports totaled 10.7 billion kWh in 2023 compared to 13.6 billion kWh the previous year. Inter RAO still hopes to maintain exports in 2024 at the 2023 level, Panina told reporters in January.