15 Feb 2024 13:29

Ukrainian finance minister presents reform matrix at Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine

MOSCOW. Feb 15 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko presented the reform matrix at a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine on Wednesday, Ukrainian media said, citing the press service for the Ukrainian Finance Ministry.

"The reform matrix aims to enhance our capacities in this area. It is an important instrument of communication with partners, the parliament, business and citizens," the press release quoted Marchenko as saying.

The status and progress of the reforms will be monitored within the platform framework, Marchenko said. The effective implementation of every reform requires an assessment of its cost and impact on the national economy by the World Bank methodology, alongside determination of every implementation stage, he said.

The ministry defined the reform matrix as an analytical tool for effective decision-making and management of the reform implementation process. This is not a new reform plan, as it does not create new obligations, the ministry said, noting that the reform matrix would help organize the government work on the implementation of measures planned together with partners.

The document provides for systematization of reforms and obligations, analyzes the necessary adjustments and plans for their implementation, ensures continuous monitoring and control over the implementation levels, and identifies risks of non-compliance at all stages of timely response, as well as accountability to society and international partners.

The ministry said that, by the end of 2024, Ukraine must meet about 230 terms and recommendations provided for in key cooperation documents, of which 69% are recommendations and 31% are terms for receiving financial assistance.