14 Feb 2024 16:38

Agricultural output fell 1.1% in Eurasian Economic Union, 7.7% in Kazakhstan in 2023

ASTANA. Feb 14 (Interfax) - The Eurasian Economic Union's agricultural output fell 1.1% in 2023, the Eurasian Economic Commission press service said.

Regarding individual countries within the union, there was growth in Belarus - 1.1% and Kyrgyzstan - 0.6%, but drops in Kazakhstan - 7.7% and Russia - 0.3%.

"In 2023, across all categories of farms in the EAEU, preliminary data indicates a gross grain harvest of 169.4 million tonnes, down 11.1% from the previous year, 30 million tonnes of potatoes, up 5.4% and 22.9 million tonnes of vegetables, down 0.4%," the EEC said.

"In the same period, the production of key livestock products increased within the EAEU: livestock and poultry in live weight rose by 2.2% compared to 2022, milk increased by 3%, and egg production grew by 0.8%," the report says.

All EAEU member states, except Armenia, saw increases in the production of livestock and poultry in live weight and milk. Egg production rose in Kyrgyzstan and Russia but decreased in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.