14 Feb 2024 11:31

Polish agrarians announce full blocking of checkpoints at Ukrainian border from Feb 20

MOSCOW. Feb 14 (Interfax) - Polish farmers will block every checkpoint and logistic hub at the Polish-Ukrainian border starting on February 20, Ukrainian media said, citing RMF FM.

"Not just border checkpoints but also logistic hubs and access roads to transshipment rail stations and seaports will be blocked," the Solidarity farmers' union said in a statement quoted by the Polish RMF FM.

The Solidarity declared a 30-day general farmer strike on February 9.

The Polish agrarians say they protest against the uncontrolled influx of Ukrainian goods into Poland through the open EU border. "The absence of regulation calls into question the profitability of agricultural production, processing and other associated industries," the statement said.

"Therefore, we declare that the protests will aim at the full blocking of every checkpoint at the Polish-Ukrainian border and local demonstrations will be held staring on February 20, within the framework of the 30-day general farmer strike," it said.