13 Feb 2024 15:19

Moldovan farmers protesting, blocking roads

CHISINAU. Feb 13 (Interfax) - Moldovan farmers are blocking border checkpoints and roads across the country, and hitherto uninvolved districts are joining in, the Farmers' Force Association said on Tuesday.

"The protests are organized by several agricultural organizations, this is happening spontaneously, in various districts and under various slogans," Farmers' Force Association Executive Director Alexander Slusar said

The agrarians demand an immediate dialogue with the government on the allotment of at least 400 million lei (about $25 million) in compensation to farmers affected by crises over the past two years.

"The protests have been on for five or six days, but there is still no reaction," and the only ones "communicating" with the farmers are police officers, who unblocked the road through the Leuseni checkpoint at the Moldovan-Romanian border on Monday night, Slusar said.

The General Police Inspectorate asked the protesters not to create traffic impediments.

According to the inspectorate, the protesters blocked 120 large trucks, 16 large trucks with perishable goods, five buses and four vans on Monday evening. Hence, 130 passengers were unable to continue their journey, and 230 cars were redirected from the Leuseni-Albita checkpoint to others. The police also reported clashes between truck drivers and farmers the day before.