13 Feb 2024 13:34

Zosin-Ustilug crossing point on border with Poland partly blocked - Ukraine's Customs Service

MOSCOW. Feb 13 (Interfax) - Polish farmers on February 12 began partially blocking the passage of certain categories of vehicles through the Zosin-Ustilug crossing on the border with Ukraine, Ukrainian media said, citing the press center for the Ukrainian State Customs Service.

"A partial blockade of certain categories of transport vehicle has begun at the Zosin-Ustilug border crossing. The information available indicates that cars, buses and trucks under 3.5 tonnes are passing through [the checkpoint] unhindered. Three trucks over 3.5 tonnes are being let through the border per hour in each direction," the State Customs Service said.

As reported, Polish farmers have been blocking truck traffic through the Dorohusk-Yagodin border crossing since February 9. "Eighty-nine trucks have been cleared for entry and only five for exit over the past 24 hours. A total of 650 trucks are now waiting at the Dorohusk border crossing," the State Custom Service said.

"The strike outside the Hrebenne- Rava Russkaya and Dolhobychuv-Ugrinov border crossings is also underway. Polish farmers are continuing to block truck traffic from Ukraine. Some ten trucks per day are now being cleared for exit [from Ukraine]. As for Shegini-Medyka, its stable operations are being partially hampered as well," the service said.