13 Feb 2024 13:33

Russia to legally pursue everyone responsible for possible expropriation of its assets abroad - Peskov

MOSCOW. Feb 13 (Interfax) - If Russian assets abroad are expropriated, Russia will legally pursue everyone responsible for this, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"Our position is extremely simple and clear. There've been attempts to bring up the expropriation of our assets, our property. This is encroachment on private property, these are unlawful actions. We'll legally pursue everyone related to such decisions [...] Russia will be defending its interests," Peskov said on Tuesday, when asked by journalists to comment on the Council of the European Union's decision to keep revenue from immobilized assets of the Russian Central Bank.

Peskov was also asked to comment on the International Monetary Fund's intention to evaluate the EU decision's possible impact on the global economy.

"This way or another, decisions on the expropriation of private property will have a serious impact on the global economy, law, economic development prospects, and a general investment climate. This could be a serious shock for all global economy pillars," he said.