12 Feb 2024 16:03

Polish police open inquiry into incident on border with Ukraine

MOSCOW. Feb 12 (Interfax) - Polish law enforcement agencies, acting at Ukraine's request, have opened an investigation into an incident on Sunday, when Polish farmers dumped Ukrainian grain from trucks, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasily Zvarich said.

"After receiving information about the grain spilled by Polish farmers from Ukrainian trucks, which were sealed after the relevant customs procedures and were transiting [Poland] en route to Lithuania, the Embassy and the Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin immediately asked the Polish police to open a case into this crime," Ukrainian media outlets quoted Zvarich as saying in a social media post.

"The Polish police opened an investigation and launched all necessary procedures," the ambassador said. Ukrainian diplomats are currently in touch with the truck drivers.

Ukraine demands that those behind this incident be identified and held to account, he said.

"The Polish authorities should respond to this crime resolutely and in line with the law and should not allow such barbaric acts to occur in the future," Zvarich said.