12 Feb 2024 15:06

U.S. expects ban on importing enriched uranium from Russia to come into force this year - media

WASHINGTON. Feb 12 (Interfax) - A ban on imports of enriched uranium from Russia to the United States could come into force this year, The Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing representatives of the U.S. nuclear industry.

"The U.S. nuclear industry expects a ban on Russian imports of enriched uranium to be enacted sometime this year following a bipartisan vote in favor of the measure in the House of Representatives in December," The Financial Times said.

The U.S. House of Representatives in December 2023 passed a bill banning the import of enriched uranium from Russia, with the measure passing with unanimous, bipartisan support. The bill would allow lifting the ban if there are no other viable sources of uranium to keep U.S. nuclear reactors operating. Both chambers of the U.S. Congress must pass the bill for it to enter into force, after which the bill would go to the U.S. President for signing into law.