8 Feb 2024 18:48

Putin orders draft decree approving updated scientific-technological development strategy to be drafted within week

MOSCOW. Feb 8 (Interfax) - A draft decree approving the updated scientific-technological development strategy should be prepared within seven days, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We agreed to make changes to the scientific-technological development strategy at the last council session. Today I suggest discussing its updated version. Taking our discussion into account, I request that the necessary adjustments and additions be made and a draft decree approving this key document be submitted for signing within a week," Putin said at a meeting of the Council for Science and Education.

This document is equal to the national security strategy, he said.

"The decision to adjust the strategy was made with regard given for the deep political [and] technological transformations that are taking place in the world, and also the unprecedented sanctions pressure on our country," he said.

The draft updated strategy states that Russia must provide itself with its own technologies, materials and means of production in key sectors, he said. It is necessary to organize all necessary product lines, he said.

"We should follow this principle when implementing our entire scientific and technological agenda. I believe it is necessary to draw up an updated list of knowledge-intensive technologies which are the most important for and required by the country, [and] overall update the priority areas of domestic scientific development," the president said.

"I am asking the government and the Council for Science and Education to draft relevant proposals, and to do so while taking into account the forecast for long-term technological development. We will discuss the results of the work at the next meeting of the council this coming summer," Putin said.