5 Feb 2024 14:10

Russia offers Northern Sea Route for secure navigation amid Red Sea tensions

MOSCOW. Feb 5 (Interfax) - Russia is ready to provide the utmost security for commercial and research vessels on the Northern Sea Route amid the tensions in the Red Sea, Russian Foreign Ministry Ambassador at Large Nikolai Korchunov said.

"Given the logistics crisis in the Red Sea, we are ready to guarantee the utmost security and environmental safety of shipping on the Northern Sea Route for all consignors, including commercial and research vessels, consistent with international regulations and Russian laws," Korchunov said in an interview with Interfax.

Moscow "is concerned about the situation in the Red Sea region" and, "as a responsible party to international economic relations, is doing its best for the effective operation of the global maritime transportation system," he said.

"In 2022, the Russian government approved the Northern Sea Route development plan for the period until 2035, which envisages the construction of icebreakers, supply vessels and ports as well as other projects to develop the Northern Sea Route, including secure navigation," Korchunov said.

"The Northern Sea Route is open to all states, without discrimination," he said.

"Completely secure, sustainable and environmentally safe navigation is a specific feature of the Northern Sea Route," Korchunov said.

"In recent years, we have seen growing interest among logistic companies seeking to hedge their risks in using the Northern Sea Route. Regular container lines are starting to form on the Northern Sea Route," he said.