25 Jan 2024 21:56

Access to Kursk NPP to be restricted for security reasons

VORONEZH. Jan 25 (Interfax) - A special security regime will be introduced amid the special military operation around the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), located in Kurchatov in the Kursk region, the Kursk regional government's press service said in a statement.

This decision of the regional headquarters aims to improve the nuclear plant's protection against terrorism. "It is planned that people's access to the nuclear plant's safety zone will be restricted. Additional restrictions will affect fishing in non-designated areas, and taking photos and making videos within the zone. It will also be prohibited to hold any cultural, sporting or other kinds of public events not associated with the operations or construction of the Kursk NPP," the Kursk regional government's statement said.

There are also plans to additionally equip the safety zone with security equipment.

Administrative liability will be introduced for violating the additional security requirements.

"The decision on additional measures to improve the Kursk NPP's protection against terrorism will be taken in the coming days," it said.