22 Jan 2024 15:22

Italy's Bonifiche finds Kazakh partner for pasta production

ASTANA. Jan 22 (Interfax) - BF International Best Fields Best Food Limited, a subsidiary of Bonifiche Ferraresi holding, and the Kazakh group Agrofirma TNK A signed a memorandum of cooperation during President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's official visit to Italy.

This partnership focuses on grain processing and the production of related products.

"Bonifiche Ferraresi is expanding internationally and has signed a memorandum with Agrofirma TNK. In the first stage, the companies will exchange technology, seeds, and conduct employee training. The next phase includes exploring processing, including pasta production," the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry's press service said.

Agrofirma TNK operates on 400,000 hectares in the Akmola region, producing various products under the Zhaksy brand, including flour, cereals, fermented milk, and more. The Italian holding focuses on cultivating and marketing agricultural products. Currently, Kazakhstan has 40 pasta production enterprises, with the major ones using durum wheat flour, known for its high protein and iron content, the traditional choice for Italian pasta.

"Kazakhstan has a vast potential to boost pasta production and exports due to its abundant raw materials. In 2022, the country produced 15.6 million tonnes of soft wheat and 833,000 tonnes of durum wheat. Notably, around 400,000 tonnes were exported to Italy, providing a solid foundation for increasing pasta production and expanding exports," Minister Saparov said during a meeting with Bonifiche Ferraresi CEO Federico Vecchioni.

The Agriculture Ministry noted the favorable investment climate in Kazakhstan, emphasizing that investors can directly engage in agreements with the government for substantial investment projects. Specific benefits and preferences are offered for project implementation. The exact investment amount remains undisclosed.

In recent discussions, the Kazak president and Bonifiche Ferraresi's management explored potential investment projects in the Kazakh agricultural sector. The holding expressed interest in projects involving grain cultivation using Italian technologies, deep processing in Kazakhstan, and initiatives for specialist training and technology transfer.