17 Jan 2024 12:12

Turkmenbashy refinery ships 4 mln t of oil products in 2023, incl. 1.3 mln t for export

ASHGABAT. Jan 17 (Interfax) - The Turkmenbashy Oil Processing Complex (TOPC) shipped 4.054 million tonnes of oil products to customers in 2023, the online newspaper of Turkmenistan's oil and gas sector, Nebit-Gaz reported.

This included 2.76 million tonnes of finished product shipped to customers inside Turkmenistan and about 1.3 million tonnes exported to Georgia, Malta, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

TOPC received about 4.534 million tonnes of crude last year and processed more than 4.504 million tonnes, Nebit-Gaz said. The publication did not provide comparative data for 2022.

The refinery produces various types of gasoline, aviation and industrial kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, motor oil, polypropylene, heating fuel, coke, liquefied gas and construction and road bitumen from the oil it receives by pipeline and by sea.

TOPC currently receives tankers with capacity of 5,000 tonnes. There are plans to build a new modern dock in the near future. The complex has an automated railway loading/unloading rack with capacity to handle 3.85 million tonnes of oil products per year.

It was reported earlier that TOPC produced 1.396 million tonnes of gasoline, 428,867 tonnes of fuel kerosene, 1.390 million tonnes of diesel, 63,563 tonnes of polypropylene, 102,923 tonnes of liquefied gas and 57,000 tonnes of lubricants in 2023.

TOPC exports its products to countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Turkmenistan has two oil refineries, TOPC and Seydi, which are part of state oil company Turkmenneft. The Seydi refinery processed 489,684 tonnes of oil in 2023. Turkmenistan therefore refined a total of 4.994 million tonnes of crude last year.