16 Jan 2024 18:20

Russia harvests 143 mln tonnes of grain in 2023, 147 mln tonnes including new territories - Putin

MOSCOW. Jan 16 (Interfax) - Russia harvested 143 million tonnes of grain in 2023, 147 million tonnes including new territories, President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with municipal heads.

Putin said that Russia also continues confidently to maintain its leadership on the global wheat market. "People who worked in agriculture before could not even imagine this. This is today's reality," Putin said.

Recalling that Russia had a record grain harvest of 157.6 million tonnes in 2022 Putin said: "And in 2023 they [harvested] 143 million tonnes, plus the new territories, that's another 4 million tonnes, so there'll be 147 million tonnes. These are very good figures and I'd like to thank all the farmers again for these results."

Putin also drew attention to problems, primarily in the social sphere in rural areas, where healthcare, education, gas and water supply and roads are still underdeveloped. "We must say frankly and honestly that life expectancy in rural areas is one and a half years lower than in cities. That's an integrated indicator," he said.

Resolving social problems is part of the comprehensive program for the development of rural areas, which is being carried out in Russia. One of the meeting participants asked for this to be extended. "There are a lot of tasks, but problems cannot be solved without people who work there feeling good and confident. So the program will be extended," the president said.

"Of course, it'll cost lot, but it's worth it. We have planned 70 billion rubles [for the program] this year. A little less than the ministry asked for, but 70 billion rubles is still a splendid amount," Putin said.