15 Jan 2024 15:58

Nigerien PM to visit Russia

PARIS. Jan 15 (Interfax) - Ali Lamine Zeine, the prime minister of Niger, will travel to Russia for a visit on Monday, Mondafrique reported.

During his overseas tour, Zeine also plans to visit Serbia, Turkey and Iran.

Niger's ministers of defense, oil, agriculture, trade, and youth and sports are accompanying Zeine on the trip.

Niger's military removed President Mohamed Bazoum from power and declared policies aimed at removing the country's dependence on France and the West as a whole in late July 2023, Mondafrique reported. The authorities announced plans to diversify cooperation with foreign countries in all areas, including defense, oil extraction, and healthcare, it reported.

Niger intends to begin exporting oil through the port of Seme soon, it reported.

Niger is among the world's leading producers of uranium. Until recently it was one of the main suppliers of uranium to France.

The new authorities suspended uranium exports to France, had the French military contingent withdraw from the country, and announced their intention to revise all agreements in the military sphere based on the country's interests. At the same time, a U.S. drone base, which is the second largest one in Africa, continues to operate in northern Niger.