15 Jan 2024 10:52

Romanian farmers blocking trucks headed to Ukraine through Siret checkpoint

MOSCOW. Jan 15 (Interfax) - Romanian farmers are again blocking truck traffic through the Siret border checkpoint, Ukrainian media said, citing a statement by the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service published on a social network on Sunday.

"The information provided by Romanian border police representatives at around 2 p.m. says that Romanian farmers and agrarians were again blocking trucks headed to the Siret checkpoint opposite the Ukrainian Porubnoye checkpoint," the statement said.

Meanwhile, all vehicles and passengers leaving Ukraine are cleared in due course, it said.

Farmers were blocking trucks in the Romanian territory for six hours on Saturday, the statement said.

The reason for and duration of the action were not announced. The number of trucks headed to Ukraine was insignificant, and 825 outbound trucks vehicles were registered in the E-queue. At the same time, cars, buses and pedestrians were allowed through as usual.

The blockade started on Saturday, was suspended on Sunday afternoon, but resumed later that day.