15 Jan 2024 09:20

Ukrainian Railway increases export grain cargo transportation in 2023

MOSCOW. Jan 15 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Railways (UZ) transported 30.58 million tonnes of grain cargoes in 2023, which is 5.9%, or 1.708 million tonnes, more than in 2022, Ukrainian media outlets said with a reference to Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Railways Department for Commercial Operations Valery Tkachev's statement at a meeting with participants of the agricultural market.

A total of 22.729 million tonnes of grain were exported by rail, 178,000 tonnes more than in 2022, Tkachev said. Of them, 14.324 million tonnes (-4.9%) were transported in the direction of ports and 8.405 million tonnes (+12.2%) were transported towards the Western border checkpoints.

"We were transporting by rail from 900,000 tonnes to one million tonnes of grain a month until the neighboring countries introduced an embargo on import of Ukrainian grain. This number decreased almost twofold after the introduction of the embargo," Tkachev said.

As reported earlier, Ukrainian railways transported 63 million tonnes of export cargoes in 2023.