12 Jan 2024 14:10

Russia signs memoranda of cooperation in geological exploration with Saudi Arabia and Sierra Leone

MOSCOW. Jan 12 (Interfax) - Russia's Natural Resources and Environment Minister Alexander Kozlov has signed memoranda of cooperation in the area of subsoil exploitation with the Republic of Sierra Leone and Saudi Arabia, respectively, Russia's Natural Resources Ministry said in a statement.

The document on collaborating with Sierra Leone envisages convening a working group on projects in the area of subsoil exploitation. The memorandum will allow conducting geological and geophysical research, assessing deposits, and drawing up geological maps.

The memorandum signed with Saudi Arabia will become part of the regulatory framework to allow the respective countries to collaborate in the exploration, study and development of mineral resources and groundwater.

As noted, Moscow and Riyadh are also preparing a joint interdepartmental memorandum in the area of biodiversity.