11 Jan 2024 12:36

Ukraine's Nova Poshta Group changes its name to Nova

MOSCOW. Jan 11 (Interfax) - The Nova Poshta group of companies, Ukraine's leading private postal service, has changed its name to Nova, but Nova Poshta, which operates on the Ukrainian market as a logistics and postal operator, will retain its brand, Ukrainian media reported, citing the group's press service.

"We are already much more than a postal service, that is why we are removing this word in the name of the group of companies and leave a broad, barrier-free name Nova," the statement said, providing the justification for the rebranding.

"The main goal of the Nova Group is to provide easy delivery of anything for life and doing business. So far these are parcels, money and technology, but we are not going to stop at that," Vyacheslav Klimov, co-owner of the group, said.

The Nova Group includes six companies, namely, Nova Poshta, Nova Post Europe, NovaPay, Nova Global, Supernova Airlines and Nova Digital, the statement said.

Nova Poshta provides delivery services, as well as freight shipping and fulfilment, and its network currently includes 11,400 offices and 15,500 postal terminals in Ukraine.

Nova Post Europe provides delivery of documents, parcels and goods around Europe, as well as between the European Union and Ukraine. The company has representative offices and 83 of its own branches in 11 countries: Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and Italy, and operates in these countries with 35,000 service outlets.

NovaPay is a non-bank financial institution that develops its own international payment system and provides financial services to private customers and businesses, currently handling 2.6 million transactions per day, it said. At the end of last year, the company released an application with the ability for customers to open current accounts.

Nova Global, which is part of the group, is focused on the global e-commerce market and cooperating with international marketplaces, it said. The company offers Ukrainian SMEs services to enter new markets and develop exports.

Supernova Airlines has already operated dozens of flights between European countries and will launch transcontinental flights by cargo planes soon, it said.

Nova Digital, an IT company that is part of Nova Group, creates and maintains web applications and software products for Nova Poshta and other group companies, which have a total of 32 million private and corporate customers, the statement said.