9 Jan 2024 09:43

Google, Meta enter New Year debt-free in Russia

MOSCOW. Jan 9 (Interfax) - Bailiffs have fully collected fines on Google and Meta (designated extremist and banned in Russia), according to the Federal Bailiff Service database.

There is no information about enforcement proceedings against Google and Meta in the database as of January 1.

Such companies as Telegram, TikTok and YouTube, large fines on which had been imposed by Russian courts in recent years for not removing prohibited content, also entered the New Year debt-free.

At the same time, bailiffs are continuing to collect court-mandated fines from Twitter (currently known as X) totaling over 51 million rubles and Twitch Interactive totaling 23 million rubles.

Revenue-based fines have been imposed on Meta and Google for repeat violations of Russian laws. For instance, a court imposed two revenue-based fines totaling almost 29 billion rubles on Google, and one revenue-based fine of almost 2 billion rubles on Meta.

The Federal Bailiff Service initiated related enforcement procedures.

On December 20, 2023, Moscow's Tagansky District Court imposed the third revenue-based fine of 4.6 billion rubles on Google for repeat failure to remove restricted information, including fake information about the Russian special military operation and LGBT content.