28 Dec 2023 19:51

Gazprom completes construction of fourth line of Amur GPP, begins pre-comissioning

MOSCOW. Dec 28 (Interfax) - Gazprom has completed construction of the fourth process line at the Amur Gas Processing Plant (the plant has a total of six lines), the company's management announced during a holiday conference call.

The Amur GPP is located near the town of Svobodny in the Amur Region. It will become one of the largest natural gas processing plants in the world. The design capacity of the plant is 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year. It consists of six lines of 7 billion cubic meters of raw gas per year each. The commissioning of the plant's lines is synchronized with the growth of gas transportation volumes through the Power of Siberia. The project is over 90% complete.

During pre-commissioning works on the equipment designed and supplied by Linde (Germany), the same gas leaks with fire occurred: on the second process line in October 2021 and on the first one in January 2022. Three months after the second fire, in March, Linde announced the suspension of projects in Russia.

In the summer of 2023, Gazprom launched two lines: N1 (restored after the fire) and the new N3 line. In early December, it was reported that the N2 line, which was most severely damaged by the fire, would be launched.

In 2023, two helium units out of three were also launched and fully brought to design capacity.

"Helium from the Amur GPP has a special degree of purity - up to four nines after the decimal point. This rare and valuable gas becomes liquid at our cryogenic plants. The process takes place at a temperature of minus 269 degrees Celsius. This year Gazprom has increased its helium capacity 8 times, and from September to December of this year 100 iso-containers have already been shipped, which is more than 400 tonnes of this cryogenic product. In the outgoing year, the Amur Gas Processing Plant received for the first time the entire line of commercial products from the enterprise. The products are produced with the highest quality in the industry and with full extraction from raw materials from East Siberian deposits," Lebedev also said.

"The Western licensee has left the Amursk Gas Processing Plant. However, we have already ensured commissioning of three lines on our own and continue construction of the plant on our own, relying on our own strength and capabilities. We are doing it successfully, we are doing it within the prescribed timeframe. And there is no doubt that the design capacity of the Amur Gas Processing Plant will be brought to 100% on time, Gazprom chief Alexey Miller said.

"We have almost achieved technological sovereignty in the gas sector. There is just a little bit left. There is not much left at all," Miller stated.