27 Dec 2023 15:54

Over 450 communities across Ukraine have no electricity - Ukrenergo

MOSCOW. Dec 27 (Interfax) - Three units of thermal power plants in Ukraine have been stopped for emergency repairs and two others switched off from the grid for planned maintenance over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian media have reported with reference to the national power grid operator Ukrenergo's statement on its social account on Wednesday.

One thermal power plant unit has been reconnected to the grid following emergency repairs, the Energy Ministry said.

"The amount of electricity generated by power plants of all types is currently enough to supply power to all organizations and households," Ukrenergo said.

The Energy Ministry also said there was no power supply shortage and no scheduled outages were planned.

At the same time, Ukrenergo warned that, even though weather is relatively warm now, the general consumption level remained high, and therefore it called for using electric energy economically.

Commercial imports of electricity to Ukraine from Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Moldova decreased by 40% to 11,800 MW/h on Wednesday compared to Tuesday.

Adverse weather resulted in cutting power supply to 20 communities, and 447 other populated areas had no electricity for technical and other reasons as of Wednesday morning, Ukrenergo said.