26 Dec 2023 14:09

Ukrnafta commissions new high-yield well in eastern Ukraine

MOSCOW. Dec 26 (Interfax) -Ukrnafta has commissioned a new high-yield well with initial daily flow rate of more than 50 tonnes of oil in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian media reported, quoting the company's press office.

"The new exploration well is 2,919 meters deep. The initial daily flow rate is 51.4 tonnes of practically dry oil, with a 2-3% water cut," Ukrnafta head Sergei Koretsky was quoted as saying.

Ukrnafta said its specialists worked with their own drilling rig and know-how, including a drilling fluid used to a depth of 2013 meters developed by the Industrial Chemicals and Core Analysis Department.

"This made it possible to reduce the borehole cavernosity ratio and minimize the cost of chemicals and inputs, saving millions of hryvnia," the company said, adding that a reservoir was discovered by a pilot hole at 2,894-2,898 meters.

Three more reservoirs were discovered in the well sequence, and a horizontal section of the well will be drilled after the underlying deposits have been depleted, Ukrnafta said.

Reports said at the beginning of December that Ukrnafta had drilled a new inclined well with initial daily flow rate of 25-30 tonnes of oil in western Ukraine with the purpose of exploring reserves in the Stryi formations.