21 Dec 2023 17:06

Over 80 communities de-energized throughout Ukraine due to inclement weather, another 467 for other reasons

MOSCOW. Dec 21 (Interfax) - As of December 21, 81 communities are cut off from electricity across Ukraine due to foul weather, 77 of them have been without electricity for more than a day.

In total, 467 communities remain without electricity for technical and other reasons, Ukrainian media reported, citing Ukrenergo.

As of now, the electricity produced by power plants of all types is enough to provide power supply to all legal and household consumers, the company said.

Electricity is being imported from Slovakia, Romania and Moldova for most of the day on December 21 with a total volume of 6,630 MWh, with a peak capacity of up to 563 MW in some hours, Ukrenergo said.

There is no export of electricity.