20 Dec 2023 15:29

Russia to slightly increase LNG exports in 2023, next year it will increase, gas production is growing - Energy Ministry

MOSCOW. Dec 20 (Interfax) - Russia will slightly increase its production and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) this year, and next year the growth rate will increase, Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said in an interview with Rossiya-24.

"This year we have practically reached last year's number, and we will even slightly exceed it; next year we will increase [the growth rate]," the minister said.

The socio-economic development forecast shows that, in 2022 LNG exports from Russia totaled 32.9 million tonnes, and in 2023, they were expected to grow to 33.3 million tonnes. In 2024, LNG exports should reach 38 million tonnes, with 40 million tonnes forecast for 2025 and 44 million tonnes for 2026 (according to the base case scenario).

Gas production in Russia has on the rise in recent months, Shulginov said. "Gas production is increasing, especially in recent months - November, December, daily production is growing, shipments to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are increasing," he said.

Shulginov also said that the volume of gasification will increase to 74.7% versus the target level of 73.8%.