13 Dec 2023 14:42

Ukrainian Railways hopes to launch Chop-Prague route before yearend, yet RegioJet demands better commercial terms - acting Ukrainian Railways CEO

MOSCOW. Dec 13 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Railways still hopes to launch the Chop-Prague route together with the Czech company RegioJet before the end of this year, yet problems have occurred at the negotiations, Ukrainian media quoted acting Ukrainian Railways CEO Yevgeny Lyashchenko as saying at the end-of-year meeting of the Restoration Ministry administration with embassies and the public in Kiev on Tuesday.

"We have held every round of negotiations with RegioJet. Commercial and technical issues were settled. But now RegioJet wants slightly better commercial terms. [...] We do not agree, so we are negotiating. We also have a deadline, so that we could finalize everything by the end of the year," Lyashchenko said.

He said he was hoping to finalize negotiations but noted, "Ukrainian Railways cannot agree to the steep increase in their terms."

Previously, Ukrainian Railways announced the launch of the Chop-Prague route together with RegioJet from the middle of November.

RegioJet owner Radim Yanchura told Ukrainian media that the Chop-Prague train would consist of three cars for 140 passengers, including 80 in sleeper cars, and 60 in cars with seats.

Tickets will cost about 25 euros, including free water, coffee and WiFi. The travel time is 13 hours and 30 minutes, including passport control at the border, he said.

Cars from Chop will be part of the 18-car Prague-Kosice train. Passengers will be provided with breakfast and dinner.

Yanchura said RegioJet will receive revenue from transportation and will pay Ukrainian Railways a fee for access to the infrastructure.