13 Dec 2023 14:03

Potential for Russian chickpea shipments to Turkey estimated at $200 million per year - Agroexport

MOSCOW. Dec 13 (Interfax) - The potential for Russian chickpea exports to Turkey is estimated at $200 million per year, a review from the Agroexport center under the Ministry of Agriculture says.

Russia's main competitors in this market are Mexico, Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia and several other countries.

Russia is currently the main supplier of chickpeas to the Turkish market, the review says. In 2022, exports totaled 64,700 tonnes (51.3% of total shipments) versus 80,000 tonnes in 2021. In value terms, Russia was out in front at $46.7 million (39% of Turkish chickpea imports).

Next after Russia, Mexico supplied Turkey with 16.5% of its chickpea volumes and 26% in value terms.

In 2022, the average import price for chickpeas increased 16.1% to $952 per tonne. The most expensive products came from Mexico at $1,502 per tonne. The price of Russian chickpeas was significantly lower at $723 per tonne.

In 2022, Turkey imported 126,000 tonnes of chickpeas worth $119.9 million, which is 16.3% and 2.9% less than in 2021, respectively. Turkish domestic consumption of chickpeas is estimated at 523,000 tonnes per year.

In 2022, trade turnover in agricultural products between Russia and Turkey increased to $7.374 billion, a 19.6% increase versus 2021. Russian exports to Turkey increased 17.6% to $5.056 billion, while Russian imports from Turkey rose 24.4% to $2.318 billion.