12 Dec 2023 16:12

Russia's National Wealth Fund falls 108 bln rubles to 13.433 trillion rubles in Nov, liquid assets 4.5% of GDP

MOSCOW. Dec 12 (Interfax) - Russia's National Wealth Fund totaled just under 13.433 trillion rubles as of December 1 and was the equivalent of $151.129 billion, or 9% of forecast GDP for 2023, the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

The NWF totaled about 13.541 trillion rubles on November 1, the equivalent of $145.224 billion, also 9% of forecast GDP for 2023, so the fund declined by 108.26 billion rubles during November.

The NWF's liquid assets as of December 1 were the equivalent of 6.747 trillion rubles or $75.902 billion and 4.5% of forecast GDP for 2023.

The amount of funds in euros in separate NWF accounts fell to 3.269 billion euros from 3.667 billion euros. Accounts also held 279.774 billion yuan, 508.265 tonnes of unallocated gold and 1.188 billion rubles.

The exchange rate difference on the balance of the fund's assets denominated in foreign currency from January 1 through November 30 was 988.099 billion rubles, and in gold it was 889.777 billion rubles; the difference on funds invested in Ukrainian Eurobonds was 55.64 billion rubles, and on securities of Russian issuers associated with self-sustaining infrastructure projects and denominated in foreign currency it was 38.907 billion rubles.