12 Dec 2023 13:33

Three wind farms commissioned in Ukraine since end-Feb 2022 - association head

MOSCOW. Dec 12 (Interfax) - Three wind farms with an overall capacity exceeding 200MW have been built in Ukraine since the end of February 2022, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Board Chairman Andrei Konechenkov said.

"These are DTEK's Tiligulskaya wind farm (114MW, in the Nikolayev region), the second phase of Elementum Energy's 60MW Dnestrovskaya wind farm in the Odessa region, and the third plant is Eco Optima's farm in the Lvov region. Its five turbines are working and another fine will be connected this week, which means 54.6MW capacities have been commissioned," Ukrainian media quoted Konechenkov as saying at the Legal and Technical Challenges to Unlocking Ukraine's Wind Energy Potential forum held by the Ukrainian Energy Ministry and the Danish Energy Agency in Kiev on Monday.

The overall rated capacity of Ukrainian wind farms is 1.86GW, including 71%, or 1.317GW in the territory uncontrolled by Kiev, he said.

Ten wind turbines are damaged (five were destroyed and two sustained partial damage as of the end of last year), including six in the territory uncontrolled by Kiev and four in the Nikolayev region, Konechenkov said.