11 Dec 2023 14:30

Charges brought in Bryansk school shooting case - Russian Investigative Committee

BRYANSK. Dec 11 (Interfax) - Investigators have brought charges against four defendants in the Bryansk school shooting case, the Russian Investigative Committee said on Monday.

The father of the female student who opened fire was charged with negligent storing of a weapon and driving his daughter to suicide, while the school deputy principal was charged with negligence, and the general director and an employee of the private security guard company were charged with providing unsafe services.

According to the investigators, the security guard allowed a student born in 2009, who was carrying a firearm, to enter the school on December 7. The student opened fire, killing one and injuring four, before committing suicide.

The investigators identified the weapon as a Bekas-3 owned by the student's father.

"In violation of the rules for storing firearms, established by federal law, he failed to provide safe storage, thus creating conditions for the weapon's use by a third party," the statement said.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the school deputy principal failed her duty to ensure safe presence of children on the school premises.

It also said that the school had a stationary metal detector but it was not installed at the school entrance on the incident date.

The most experienced investigators and forensic technicians of the Russian Investigative Committee's central staff and employees of the Forensic Expert Center have been deployed to Bryansk, the committee said.