4 Dec 2023 18:09

Several regions in Ukraine left without electricity due to bad weather

MOSCOW. Dec 4 (Interfax) - Severe snowstorms that battered the Odessa region over the week damaged more than 3,000 power lines, disrupting electricity supply to over 500,000 households in 883 towns and villages, Ukrainian media outlets said, citing information circulated by head of the region's military administration Oleg Kiper on social media.

"A total of 3,104 overhead power lines were knocked out of operation. More than 500,000 families in 883 communities were left without electricity," Kiper said, adding that around 2,500 people trapped in the snow were rescued.

Services in the Ivano-Frankovsk region are continuing to deal with the aftermath of the spell of adverse weather, which disrupted power supply to 35 communities, media said.

"Thirty-five populated localities in Zakarpattia were left without electricity - 18 of them completely and 17 partly - as a result of bad weather," head of the region's military administration Svetlana Onishchuk said on social media.

The situation on the roads is under control, Onishchuk said, adding that the region's roads remain open to traffic.

"Water levels in rivers are rising because of the thaw and rainfall. The largest increase of up to 85 cm is in the Dniestr River in the Galich section," she said.

"Wet snow buildups have disrupted power supply to 395 communities in the Lvov region - to 154 of them completely and to 241 partly," regional administration head Maxim Kozitsky said.

As many as 454 towns and villages in the Lvov region were left without electricity on Saturday due to severe weather, Kozitsky said earlier.