4 Dec 2023 13:24

Delimobil's Russian entity to go public, preparing offering of 30% in new shares

MOSCOW. Dec 4 (Interfax) - JSC Carsharing Russia, the main legal entity of carsharing service Delimobil , is preparing to become a public joint-stock company (PJSC) and planning a public offering of new shares, the company said on the disclosure wire, citing a decision made Friday by its sole shareholder, Delimobil Holding S.A..

The holding company also decided to split the shares of JSC Carsharing Russia by converting its 10 million shares with par value of 0.01 rubles each into 160 million shares with par value of 0.000625 rubles.

The company also decided to increase Carsharing Russia's charter capital with the placement of 48 million new shares in a public offering and turn it into a PJSC.

If all the new shares are placed, the company's charter capital will increase by 30%. The price of the shares will be set by the board of directors by the time the placement begins.

Delimobil said these decisions are a "technical" move being made "for flexibility in future decision making within the context of various scenarios for the company's development." The company declined to elaborate on its plans.