4 Dec 2023 11:28

Ukraine, Poland agree to open Ugryniv-Dolgobychuv checkpoint for unloaded trucks, approve adjustments to e-Queue system

MOSCOW. Dec 4 (Interfax) - Ukraine and Poland have agreed to open the Ugryniv-Dolgobychuv checkpoint for unloaded trucks to increase the border crossing capacity and to reduce the workload on other checkpoints, as well as to facilitate the use of the e-Queue system for Polish vehicles.

Ukrainian Deputy Restoration Minister Sergei Derkach and Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure Rafal Weber reached the agreement, Ukrainian media said, citing the press service for the Restoration Ministry.

According to the press release, they approved separate slots in the e-Queue system for unloaded trucks crossing the Yagodin-Dorohusk and Krakovets-Korchova checkpoints and a month-long pilot project with e-Queue registration before crossing the border through the Nizhankovichi-Malchowice checkpoint.

"Cancellations or adjustments of the transport visa-free system were not discussed and was not put on the agenda," the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Polish protesters insist that only vehicles registered in the EU be allowed crossing through Ugryniv-Dolgobychuv and Nizhankovichi-Malchowice checkpoints.

"This stance is unacceptable to Ukraine and the European Union, as this norm discriminates against other countries," the Restoration Ministry said.

The ministry said it was working on solutions to the border situation together with the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).

For instance, this is a matter of the action plan for the development of Ukrainian-Polish border checkpoints. Ukraine said its part of the development strategy was ready.

As reported, lines of vehicles stranded at the Ukrainian-Polish border were 40 kilometers long on the Polish side because of a protest of Polish carriers at the Yagodin-Dorohusk, Krakovets-Korchova, and Rava Russka - Hrebenne checkpoints, which started on November 6. According to the Restoration Ministry, 20,000 trucks were stuck at the Ukrainian-Polish border, and the truck traffic dipped by 20%-25%. The blocking of the Ukrainian-Polish border spread into the Shegini-Medica checkpoint on Thursday, November 22.

The blockade organizers, who demand cancelation of the transport visa-free system for Ukraine, said that the campaign would continue until January 3, 2024, with the formal consent of the local authorities, yet decisions to extend the blockade until February had been made at certain checkpoints.