30 Nov 2023 16:36

Supreme Court designates LGBT int'l movement as extremist, bans its activity in Russia

MOSCOW. Nov 30 (Interfax) - The Russian Supreme Court granted the Justice Ministry's motion for the designation of the LGBT movement as extremist on Thursday.

"To designate the LGBT international civil movement as an extremist organization and to ban its operations in the Russian territory," Judge Oleg Nefyodov said.

The court also found extremist and banned the organization's structural divisions.

The ruling has an immediate effect but can still be challenged at an appeal court within a month.

The court met in camera. Representatives of the respondents did not attend the hearing.

At the same time, to Interfax's knowledge, the court ruling pronounced on Thursday "does not apply to the personal life of citizens and does not entail any negative legal consequences." The restrictions aim to ensure the ban on LGBT propaganda, advertising, evocation of interest and involvement in the LGBT movement.