30 Nov 2023 13:05

UAE co becomes owner of Alcohol Siberian Group

OMSK. Nov 30 (Interfax) - United Arab Emirates-based Boreal Spirits has become the principal owner of Alcohol Siberian Group LLC (ASG), one of Russia's largest spirits producers.

As of November 28, Boreal Spirits owns 99% of ASG and Larisa Strelets owns 1%, data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) showed. Previously, Strelets was the sole owner of the company.

Data from the USRLE show that Strelets owned ASG in 2023 after acquiring ownership rights in December 2022 from Cyprus-based VP Island Limited and Tradeline Solutions Limited.

Boreal Spirits is a division of Cyprus-based KPO Marketing Company, which according to its website owns the exclusive distribution rights to four ASG vodka brands. KPO Marketing Company also has divisions in Serbia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

ASG makes spirits at the Omskvinprom distillery and Ruzsky Blending Plant, which together produced 92 million liters of product in 2022, according to ASG's website.