29 Nov 2023 12:00

Belarus suspends participation in European Cultural Convention

MINSK. Nov 29 (Interfax) - Belarus has suspended participation in the European Cultural Convention by a government resolution published on the national website of legal information on Wednesday.

"To suspend the European Cultural Convention adopted by the Council of Europe in Paris on December 19, 1954," the document said.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry was tasked with sending the suspension notice.

The resolution took effect on the day of its adoption.

The objectives of the convention are to develop a pan-European culture through the integration of cultural heritage of its members. The signatories committed themselves to encouraging their citizens to study the languages, history and cultures of other contracting parties and studying their language or languages, history and culture on the territory of other parties.

It envisages consultations between the parties within the Council of Europe framework to take joint efforts towards encouraging cultural events of interest to Europe, while each party promotes movement and exchange of persons and objects of cultural value.