28 Nov 2023 12:34

Odessa region's death toll due to bad weather reaches 5, injuries reported

MOSCOW. Nov 28 (Interfax) - The death toll in the Odessa region due to a spell of adverse weather has risen to five, and 19 people more have been injured, Ukrainian media said, citing President Vladimir Zelensky's address on Monday evening.

The operative headquarters at the state and regional levels will continue to work until the situation normalizes, Zelensky said.

Nearly 2,500 people, among them 162 children, have been evacuated from the Odessa region, where 313 communities remain without electricity, Ukrainian media said, citing head of the Odessa region's military administration Oleg Kiper.

As many as 849 vehicles, including 24 buses and 17 ambulances were towed from stricken areas, Kiper said.

"All stranded vehicles have been cleared from snowbound places since the spell of bad weather hit [on November 26]," he said.

Icy road conditions have been reported in the Odessa region, he said. Municipal services are treating the roads with deicing salt and sand.

"I ask motorists to refrain from using cars unless absolutely necessary. I also call on those still using summer tires: don't drive under any circumstances," Kiper said.

Twenty traffic accidents, all without casualties, have been recorded over the 24 hours.

"DTEK teams have been working 24/7 to address the aftermath," Kiper said.