27 Nov 2023 20:06

Flow of foreigners heading to Finland via Murmansk region decreasing

MURMANSK. Nov 27 (Interfax) - The flow of foreigners who are arriving in the Murmansk region to cross the Russian-Finnish border is decreasing, the region's operational headquarters told Interfax.

Only 14 foreigners remained in the Kandalaksha district, where h closed crossing point Salla is located, as of Sunday. They stayed at a hotel in Kandalaksha. There were no foreigners in the border settlement of Alakurti, where a temporary accommodation point was deployed.

According to information published on the Telegram channel of the Murmansk region's Governor Andrei Chibis on Monday evening, 61 foreigners crossed the Russian-Finnish border at the crossing point Lotta, the only open border crossing point between Russia and Finland, on November 24-26.

"According to tentative data, more than 400 foreign citizens visited the Murmansk region on tourist and student visas," the operational headquarters said, responding to a question about the number of foreigners who arrived in the past week.

Among the people who have arrived are citizens of Afghanistan, China, Somalia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Iran and Algeria, the operational headquarters said.