24 Nov 2023 18:01

Ukraine harvests 55.1 mln tonnes of grain, 20.7 mln tonnes of oilseed crops

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Farmers from all regions of Ukraine continue to thresh late grain crops and have harvested 55.054 million tonnes of grain and 20.703 million tonnes of oil seed crops so far, Ukrainian media reported, citing an Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry's statement.

Grains and grain legumes have been harvested from 10.2 million hectares yielding 53.8 centners/ha.

The barley harvest is over, with 5.909 million tonnes gathered from 1.505 million ha. The wheat harvest is also complete, with 22.478 million tonnes from 22.478 million ha and peas - 399,500 tonnes from 154,400 ha.

The millet harvest is nearing completion, with 180,000 tonnes gathered from 79.5 million ha, and buckwheat - 207,400 tonnes from 139,700 ha, corn - 24.878 million tonnes from 3.325 million ha and other crops - 1.002 million tonnes from 339,900 ha.

Oilseed crops have been harvested from 8.2 million ha. The rapeseed harvest is over with 4.005 million tonnes gathered from 1.396 million ha. The sunflower harvest is ongoing with 11.929 million tonnes from 5.009 million ha and soybeans 4.769 million tonnes from 1.8 million ha.

Farmers have harvested 11.083 million tonnes of sugar beet from 236,300 ha.

The Agrarian Policy Ministry says in its adjusted forecast that farmers will harvest 21.7 million tonnes of wheat, 5.7 million tonnes of barley and 28.5 million tonnes of corn in 2023. Gross production of oilseeds should reach 21.6 million tonnes, including sunflower - 13 million tonnes, rapeseed - 4 million tonnes and soybeans - 4.6 million tonnes. The sugar beet harvest was forecast at 13.7 million tonnes.