24 Nov 2023 17:28

Putin to endorse AI development strategy shortly

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a pending order to endorse a new edition of the national AI development strategy.

"A presidential order will be signed and a new edition of the national artificial intelligence development strategy will be approved shortly, as one of the first steps. There will be a number of substantial amendments to this document, given a swift growth in technologies," Putin said at the AI Conference.

The document will consolidate targets and objectives, he said.

"First of all, this is a matter of broader fundamental and applied research in generative AI and big language models," Putin said.

He also mentioned particular decisions and proposals.

"I am asking the government, the [AI Development] Alliance and the Russian Academy of Sciences to propose a mechanism, which will give domestic scientists access to the existing and prospective supercomputers of Russia. Graduate students, students, and schoolchildren engaged in scientific and practical activities in the field of artificial intelligence should receive special benefits for using the computing infrastructure," he said.

Putin drew attention of the government and companies, members of the Alliance, to the fact that the current capacity of Russian supercomputers should be increased at least by one order of magnitude. "This is crucial for the further development of generative AI," Putin said, adding that the training of highly skilled developers should also be ramped up.