24 Nov 2023 16:34

Ukraine uses emergency aid from Romania due to electricity shortage - Ukrenergo

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Ukraine engaged emergency aid from Romania totaling 1,200 MW/hour on Thursday due to the Ukrenergo national energy company's request, Ukrainian media outlets said with a reference to the company.

"It was caused by consumption increasing due to a temperature drop and leading to an additional strain on power plants, which, in turn, led to a halt and emergency repair of several power units. The imported electricity available on the market was insufficient to substitute for the entire amount of electricity which the non-operational power units did not to generate," Ukrenergo said.

The evening peak electricity consumption on November 23 was 1.5% higher than on November 23. For the energy system, it amounted to the need to engage at least one additional cluster of thermal power plants the generation capacities of which are limited due to repairs.

The situation at electric power plants remains difficult on November 24, one of power units returned to operations after repairs, but emergency repairs are continuing at several others, Ukrenergo said.

At the same time, the warming reduced the level of consumption, and the electricity generate is enough to cover it. The morning peak of November 24 is 6.5% lower than the same parameter on November 23, but meteorologists have already warned about a new wave of cold as early as on Sunday.

A total of 167 populated localities in eight regions were cut off electricity because of bad weather. A total of 477 populated localities remain without electricity for various reasons.