22 Nov 2023 14:08

Ukrenergo seeing electricity deficit, calls for being economical

MOSCOW. Nov 22 (Interfax) - An electricity deficit has been detected in the Ukrainian power grid, which is expected to last through the day, Ukrainian media quoted Ukrenergo as saying on a social network.

In this situation, Ukrenergo urges consumers to be economical during the day, as its dispatch center is looking for ways to compensate for the deficit.

Ukrenergo named cold weather, which strains power plants, as a reason for increased electricity consumption. It said that the evening peak was 9% higher on Tuesday than a week ago.

Another reason for the deficit is the increased number of accidents at power plant units (five units of heat and power plants stopped for urgent repairs on Tuesday) and the insufficient electricity imports from the European Union, it said.

Electricity is imported from such EU members as Slovakia, Romania and Moldova during daytime and at night in the amount of 2,707 MW/h (versus 860 MW/h on Tuesday), and the maximum capacity reaches up to 507 MW in certain hours. Ukrenergo said earlier that the allowed imports stand at 1,200 MW but the traders do not take them because of higher electricity prices in Europe and the discrepancy with price caps on the Ukrainian market.

Electricity exports dropped to 720 MW/h from 900 MW/h on Tuesday. Electricity was exported to Romania and Slovakia at nighttime.