20 Nov 2023 18:42

Russian coal exports to China could rise 1.5-fold in 2023

KEMEROVO. Nov 20 (Interfax) - Russian coal exports to China could total 100-102 million tonnes in 2023, Pyotr Bobylev, Deputy Energy Minister and director of Russia's coal industry department, said on Monday during the "Developing the productive forces of Kuzbass: History, current experience, strategy for the future" scientific and practical conference.

"Exports to China should actually be 100-102 million tonnes this year, with a very high degree of probability. We are currently working with our colleagues, and we really hope that we will still be able to render an intergovernmental agreement [with China], where the 100 million tonnes [of coal per year] are set," Bobylev said.

Bobylev clarified that coal exports from Russia to China totaled 67 million tonnes in 2022, thus supplies could rise 1.5-fold in 2023.

Bobylev also noted that Russia exported 76.5 million tonnes of coal to China and 21.3 million tonnes of coal to India in 9M 2023. Russian coal exports to India totaled 20 million tonnes in 2022.

Deputy Energy Minister Sergei Mochalnikov previously said that Russian coal production should total 440 million tonnes in 2023, with around 220 million tonnes exported.